(Book) The Lover’s Dictionary.

1the-lovers-dictionary-thumb-300x448-62746 I have seen this book around – be it book stores, libraries or in the hands of others –  but I have never really felt like reading it.

Okay, I used to like reading romance but eventually, I got bored of the typical happy endings and started craving for writings that tell more truth than fiction. In terms of situations, imperfections as well as emotions. Maybe it is because I am starting to grow up and outgrew my rose-tinted glasses.

But a friend of mine lent it to me this year and said that I should read it since I will probably like it. So I decided to give this book a chance and yes, I liked it. Beyond the romantic and quirky cover, the writing focuses on the various moments throughout the couple’s relationship. It kept things simple and clean, though the words used may break your heart from page to page.

Certain moments and words broke mine, anyway.

The language was poetic though simple, and made the moments easy to imagine and to relate to. Even though I may not relate to the specific activities or arguments involved, I was able to relate to the anger, frustrations and thoughts that were put into the book. It was like a mutual understanding or having your friend go “I totally understand what you mean” while you whine over a situation over coffee. The book made me feel like I was not alone when I had my bad experiences, and it was therapeutic. A nice feeling to have.

It is a short read but it illustrated the good and bad of the relationship, which was nice. After all, every relationship has its ups and downs such as paying the bills, moving into a new house and trying hard to look beyond the differences in everyday habits and making the choice to stick together. Real problems that people usually do not show or talk about on television, movies as well as some books. I truly appreciate the reality of this book.

And how the writer weaved the beauty of words together with the little moments of reality was wonderful. It made me think of all the little moments in  my life and remembering that those gestures were made with love, no matter if they were shown in a tough way or a way that I was not able to appreciate then. When I listen to stories, people are always trying to pick a big moment like wedding proposals in a cinema full of people or relationship anniversaries at expensive restaurants. I seldom hear stories about simple yet nice moments so this read was a comfortable one and made me think of all the little things in my life.

Definitely a nice and easy read that I can reread for a lifetime and constantly getting new lessons, new perspectives and new insights as I grow up with it.