In Threes. 

Beginning, development, and finally the ending. Is that how all stories have to be? 

A weary heart here

Tug hard and pull at the air 

Nothing is left now 
Hot tears rolling down 

Dried lips sealed with waning love

Disappointment stained
She said, “Just be friends.”

Nothing more and nothing less

He said, “I’ll pretend.”


Guilty Pleasure. 

(After almost two weeks of just Chinese food and just dim sum every meal, I started craving the deliciousness of the other cuisines I could get my hands on. Thankfully, I am born in Singapore. Hahaha.)

Roti prata egg

First meal after touching down 

Pleasurable guilt 

Cheung Chau Island. 

(During an island visit, I wrote these down as written memories of the atmosphere, time and space that I was in then. I am aware that I cannot replicate and am not skilled enough to paint the exact image in my mind, but thankful that maybe these simple words can evoke those moments in my mind’s eye for myself. And perhaps, invite you to imagine.) 

In Exploration

City to island; Boat ride 

Rowing across blue 

Ferry sailing; quiet

Families of hopes and love 

Ferry dreaming; peace 

At the hard table 

Fishermen laugh and drink beer 

Good day at the waters