For a good sixteen years of my life, I was full of angst and negativity. I kept dwelling on the unhappy incidents in my life and kept playing them out in my mind.

I found myself frowning, crying and angry many times. I spent so much time thinking about the miseries of life and plotting revenge on anyone that was ‘harm’ing me in any way.

I was a true believer of ‘an eye for an eye’. I was like a little ball of hatred.

Now, looking at my puppy that is only eight months old, the young me was so silly and naive in comparison. So unaware.

I look at my puppy, and I just have to admire how he forgives so easily.

Call him names, shoo him away and punish him for a mistake and you may hurt his feelings. But a moment later, he will still be running back to you with affectionate licks and an enthusiastic spirit.

That is just how my furry friend lives his life. It comes so naturally to him – giving and loving.

For the past few years, I have been slowly letting go of all the grudges I kept and forgiving all those people that I have despised for most of my teenage life.

“Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, and not to others.”

A quote I read some time back that will definitely stay with me for the rest of my life. Making me a lighter, happier and brighter person.

Well, I still have much to grow and learn. And Whiskey will always remind me of the various ways I can better myself.

Other than forgiving others, one day, I will have to learn to forgive myself too. For my mistakes and imperfections.

Just like how Whiskey does – always ready to give and love others, as well as himself.