Two people can never love each other the same way. Simply because they are not born out of the same life, same heart and same culture. They love each other different, but it is still love they share. Just not in the same language, or spoken tongue. 

But must that mean that one must love less than the other? Is it impossible to divide the feelings and actions born equally into half? 

Must love itself even be divided, measured and scrutinised? Can the emotion and the relationship be ever so calculative and cold? 

I am not sure. I doubt anyone else has the answer. Maybe I am only asking so much because I have always been the one to “love less”. 

Detachment, logic and priding myself in having battles between the two major muscles, have become a daily routine of mine. And something that showcases itself from time to time, which eventually became most people’s assumption on me of how I function as a human-being. 

And somehow, in fights and arguments, I naturally become the one that would have “less to lose”, be the”first to leave” and would be “moving on with no hurts” labelled on the voice that speaks my mind. 

It is strange that this happens, but I am not surprised that it does. 

But can I just say that as “someone that loves less”, I try to make up for it because I still love. I just love in a different way, maybe in smaller doses, but I hope that that is not to say my love is worth any less than a person that loves with his/her entire breathing heart. 

Maybe I can learn to evolve, change and love in the exact ways that you want me to. It is possible to shape yourself to fit into someone else’s hands for them to hold better and more carefully. 

But with all the changes, would I still be the one that you loved when you first held my hand? 

Or was it not me that you have loved all along?

Leaving will always hurt. 

Just because someone stays silent doesn’t mean it is not there. We just prefer to hide in shadows and heal by ourselves. 

It is easier to live with other’s assumptions about us than to change viewpoints one by one. 

Some eyes just simply stay the same. 

Image credit: ERYNLOU