Disappointment is a feeling that is pretty hard to swallow. Okay, maybe not. I mean, you will get over it soon enough.

But it leaves a really bad taste in your mouth.

Anyway, you will have to get over it one day. Nothing is going to change no matter how long you choose to stay disappointed and upset.

You will just end up with more wrinkles on your face and spoiling your mood unnecessarily for the rest of the week.

Well, I cannot help feeling this way at the moment so I will just pour it out for now and let go of these thoughts after.

Feeling like this, all down and sad, reminds me of all those excursions my family would promise me as a kid, and how they would just brush it off at the last minute.

And being young, I would just make a big fuss out of it – voicing my annoyance at the top of my lungs and accepting candy bribes just to make myself feel better.

But I would occasionally catch myself wearing a slight frown on my face, being all too aware of my sinking heart inside me.

Right now, the disappointment in me seems to be still the same. Just that being nineteen, I cannot really ask for candy or throw a tantrum anymore.

Mixed emotions.

Wanting to cry but not wanting to look like a cry baby. Wanting to blame someone for making me feel like this, but not wanting to be unreasonable.

After all, these things happen and there is no one to blame.

These reactions are not over dramatic. They simply go to show how much I looked forward to the event and how the anticipation was driving up my levels of happiness and adrenaline for the past few days. Or even weeks.

But well, life happens. So moving on.