Dinosaurs: Dawn to Extinction (2014).

indexYes, I am aware that I just visited a dinosaur exhibition recently at the Science Centre. I just cannot get enough of these creatures alright. However, the experience was very different from the last one.

Maybe it is the location, the arrangement of the exhibits or the compulsory photo-taking at the start but the atmosphere felt a little less fun compared to my experience at the Science Centre. Possibly because there were no life-sized machines that took my breath away or amazing soundscapes. It felt very much like a museum instead of me stepping into a different world to learn and explore a different time. It is a little hard to put the feeling into words.

Anyhow, I enjoyed my time and took my time learning as much as I can while children were running all around me.

There were fossils as well as skeletal casts of various dinosaurs. The exhibition tried to provide a wide range of land, sea, big and small dinosaurs to be put on display. It kept the interest going throughout the exhibition and I really liked how models of dinosaurs were made and placed next to their skeletal casts. It definitely helped me imagine how they looked like and might have behaved in reality. Some of the models were made to scale as well, which was really awesome and made me feel a tiny bit closer to them.

There were sections when fight scenes were recreated as well as dinosaur models were placed in an artificially-created environment to give us an idea of how they each might have interacted with each other and how they lived among nature back then. Those were pretty cool and I spent quite a bit of time at those sections. They were all carefully recreated so it was easy to suspend my imagination and just go with it.

Technological use, such as sounds, were pretty minimal and the quantity in fossils, models as well as activities (touching replica bones, story-telling for children, etc) made up for them. Also, a lot of information was given in signs, labels as well as a few documentaries. It got a bit overwhelming for me as some spaces were just framed notes and signs, so a lot of reading was done and they were less visually stimulating. The whole exhibition was real long too – a lot of things to cover and to remember if you are there to learn – so I felt a little tired after looking at the fluorescent lights and words for a few hours.

However, I must say that having artworks put up and shared was a wonderful experience. The quality of the drawings and paintings made were pretty amazing and they captured the surroundings of the creatures as well. It gave me images to imagine and feel, which was nice. The details, proportions and the way in which these creatures moved were captured in the pieces of art – be it sketches, skeletal drawings or paintings. It was just wonderful to learn from art instead of reading. Something refreshing for me.

Well, hope there will be more dinosaurs discovered the next time round and a little more excitement.


Titans Of The Past – Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals.

IMG_7549[1]If there is one thing I absolutely love talking or studying or watching about would be dinosaurs.

I remember watching my very first Jurassic Park movie when I was younger with my family. It was thrilling and exciting for me but most of all, it was fascinating watching these creatures. Admiring their unique appearances and behavioral patterns, they spark curiosity in me and makes me want to learn.

Maybe I just like feeling that way, but these dinosaurs definitely made me feel an enthusiasm for learning that I will never forget.

When I first entered the space, there were many information boards that provided facts about excavation and how the fossils and bones that were on display were found. I felt the words were alright and I loved the tidbits of information given to me, but the language would be difficult for children or bore them. Maybe simplifying the language would have been better since many families bring their children to visit.

But there were videos being played, games such as a mini excavation ground for children as well as machines to illustrate and help everyone visualise how some dinosaurs behave, move as well as sound like. They were probably the best way to educate and bring you closer to how the dinosaurs were when they were alive and roaming this earth. I was absolutely fascinated by them, and if I could, I would have sat there for hours just watching the machines interact with each other and observe the way they bend their necks and legs. They were made as realistic as possible and there was even a Triceratops that gave birth!

My imagination went on a wild ride while I was at the exhibition (I walked through the whole exhibition twice). Downloading the app to use was pretty fun too, because the app had videos as well as interactive images the respond to touch.

But the main attraction was definitely the skeletal casts of the Argentinosaurus,  a Giganotosaurus and a T-rex. They were absolutely majestic. They left me in awe. Just looking at the casts, I was able to imagine how grand and amazing they would look if they were alive. Also, the largest T-rex skull ever found was on display. Anyway, the teeth were was long as my entire palm! I was also able to observe the fibre prints on the skull as well as past injuries and scars.

I was amazed how much history was marked onto the bones. Made me wonder if my bones will turn out that way too.

Before I end this post, I would also like to say that the Ice Age Mammals segment was pretty small but as enjoyable all the same. It was also the best spot out of the entire exhibition to take photographs because the background had lights that made the whole area look like a huge piece of night sky. Beautiful.

It was a wonderful afternoon of learning, history and trying to get closer to these wonderful creatures of our past.