(Taken from my Parkview Museum visit)

I still have many things to do but I am pretty happy that I finally started an Instagram for my art.

Some of my art.

Because I wanted a way to archive and to show the work I am doing, even if it is less for others and more for myself.

So far, the process has been great. I probably just enjoy exercising my creativity and working my hands on something. It’s always great when I hand the projects to their rightful owners and they appreciate it so much.

To everyone that has been a part of getting diaries or received something from me through art: thank you.

And I hope you love it as much as I loved placing my heart into it.

Starting this as SaveDawn to pay off my school fees, I am glad I went with my instincts. Because it did save me in more ways than just monetary.

It reawakened my forgotten joy of drawing and just creating with my hands. And it became almost therapy for me. Calming me and giving me a soft high.

I am happy x


Essential Eames (2014).

imagesHello all design lovers! This is an exhibition I hope you guys did not miss because it was pretty wonderful to view, learn and appreciate different kinds of designs in a comfortable space. The exhibition layout was simple, minimalistic yet informative and interesting at the same time. It also helped that there was natural lighting coming in from the glass panes since it was held on the third level of the Art Science Museum.

Neatly split into nine different categories such as furniture, graphic design as well as film, the exhibition successfully showed the exploits and artsy adventures of the most famous couple in design history – Charles and Ray Eames. Illustrating their lives and works throughout the years, it showed how their work grew with them and how their influence is here to stay.

The entire exhibition definitely engaged me through the vivid colours used as well as font used for the signs and information boards. They made the whole place very comfortable to be in and not intimidating at all. The font was really reader-friendly so it did not hurt my eyes to read the information. That was a good experience. I must also say that the information were written in a clear and concise manner with minimal jargon used which was considerate for newbies and art appreciators like me.

If I had to pick a favourite section of the whole exhibition, it will definitely be photography.

Photography says a lot about the people behind them. Like, the perspectives they chose, the lighting they shot with, the objects they focused on and the little details like that. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words and that particular section of the exhbition definitely proved that phrase to be true. It was breathtaking to look at rows and columns of photographs of people, crafts as well as their home in so many different ways. Like, viewing their lives through different windows of time, space and moments.

Lastly, I liked how most of their art explorations were shown even though they were mainly known for their chairs. Sometimes, people only focus on reporting and understanding iconic works of art, and neglect the other works that showed potential or works that were part of the developing process. But this exhibition tried to cover as much ground as possible without losing focus on Eames’ greatest designs for chairs that made them famous. It made me understand the couple better and view them in a more wholesome manner. Just like how most people have various hobbies and talents besides their day jobs, famous people have them too and it was interesting to view and learn about them through the things they do in their everyday lives behind the glory and media view.

So it was a gorgeous afternoon spent with beautifully made chairs, well thought out posters as well as mind-blowing films. Awesome.