X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

xmen_days_of_future_past_ver5_xlgHmm, I heard mixed reviews from my friends and after watching it for myself, I must say that it was pretty average. There were little surprises really but it was not to the extent of total boredom. I kind of expected worse really.

Especially since the storyline is about traveling back in time to save the mutants from war and an inevitable wiping out of their kind. (Storylines with time travel involved always has this strange way of playing out and everything just becomes really cliche and full of the ‘been there done that’.)

For me, it did not really work that so many characters were mere pawns in the scenes for destruction. I see the need for them and the need to portray the sacrifices and the helplessness against the weapons but the fighting were all minimal. They were not very exciting and that was just a waste.

There were also some character developments that I did not really see and some decisions just felt weird or sudden or out of character. Meh.

But I liked quite a lot of things about the movie that saved it all.

The scene and costume changes kept things refreshing (though it would have been nice if there were more and the movie pacing was slightly faster so tension was kept high).

I liked how there were obvious differences between the future people and the past. In terms of personality, life decisions and how they carried themselves. Their personal growth could be felt and even though the parallels were not made in an obvious fashion, they can still be found in the subtle actions and the way they spoke. That was quite nice for me.

It was also nice how Logan has to bear the responsibility of memories and experiences while everyone else has technically moved on with no idea of what went on. It is a burden for him and that is rather sad but the idea of how his reality does not exist anymore and other people’s reality seems to be a dream to him was nice. I liked the layer it added to the movie towards the end.

But my favourite parts will always be Mystique’s shape shifting. The way they chose to present it is really captivating and I liked that it was always so detailed. I will never get sick of watching her. It is true that she is the most different – power and appearance. And probably the only one that struggles with identity.

And the scene at the hospital really tugged at my heart strings. It was a quiet and slow scene but definitely stood out among the chaos and destruction.

Nurse: “Does she have a family?”

Raven: “Yes. She does.”

And can I just say that Mystique looks super adorable as a child.