Music Matters 2014.

music-matters-live-sgxclusive(Yes, this is very late. Yes, I know. Why am I writing about this now right? I do not really know. Just felt like it maybe? I did spend three nights there – Thursday to Saturday. Maybe I felt it is a good break from the rest of my writings and personal stuff. Probably.)

(Well, this is my blog so I guess I can just type whatever I want. So there. Hahaha.)

(Text in brackets look secretive. Probably just me.)

I spent Thursday to Saturday night at Music Matters Live. Walking to different spaces and stages for the various acts I was interested in catching and just having a good time. Live music is something to be appreciated since it usually feels different and better than recorded stuff.

There were bands I totally enjoyed and would have loved to catch them a second time, while there were bands that I personally regret experiencing but well, it is just a case of personal preference and what I was looking out for. But overall, I had fun on all three nights with or without alcohol and the atmosphere was pretty nice throughout the music festival. So yay to the team for organising another successful run!

I must say that it would have been nice if there was some sort of air cooler or more hand fans or electronic fans at the fountain stage because it was incredibly hot and stuffy. Not a must, of course, but it would be nice.

Anyway, a list of the bands I managed to catch:

  1. Cream (Japan Night)
  2. The Oral Cigarettes (Japan Night)
  3. Bec Laughton
  4. David Choi
  5. MC HotDog
  6. Slapshock (Ft. Kevin Lester and Apl de Ap)
  7. Sultan of The Disco (K-pop Night Out)
  8. Lim Kim (K-pop Night Out)
  9. Mark Bonafide (Made in Singapore)
  10. Wyd:Syd
  11. Sub : Shaman
  12. Buffalo Sunn
  13. Dune rats
  14. The Stonewolf Band
  15. Ash Grunwald
  16. Quarterback
  17. Art of Fresh
  18. Dualist Inquiry
  19. Love x Stereo

I enjoyed how every band was really different and they presented themselves on stage in a way that they are comfortable with. Non-pretentious, confident and real. I really like that. When people are sincere with their music and when they believe in it, I think you can really feel it and it changes how we experience, listen and move. That’s what I think, anyway.

My favourite acts were definitely Bec Laughton, The Stonewolf Band and Ash Grunwald.

Laughton’s voice is amazing. And she was very confident when she presented her pieces. Her energy totally filled the entire of China One. It was intimate and impressive. For The Stonewolf Band, I liked their presence on stage. They did not jump around or move a lot but their occasional smiles while playing and the slight rhythm in their bodies to the music left an impression on me. As for Grunwald, he was a natural performer on stage and I really liked his playing and his voice. And his dreadlocks – awesome.

But of course, I enjoyed myself for every band I caught and I was moving to the music, laughing at jokes and clapping along. It was really relaxed and easy to ease myself into the crowd because everyone was simply into the music. It felt good, somehow. Hahaha.

I hope next year will be even greater. Whoo!


Santouka Hokkaido Ramen.

I have never been a big fan of ramen. Most are served with char shiew and oily pork-based soup, which I do not favour at all.

So when I heard positive comments on this place and how it is the supposedly the best in Singapore, I was slightly skeptical.

I got myself a Kara-miso ramen set with gyoza, since it looked quite delicious on the menu. The set comes with one cup of tea, chawanmushi, salad, mini bowl of rice and your ramen as well as choice dish that’s part of the set.

Kara-miso soup was supposed to be spicy but it was not even close to spicy, really. I quite liked it though, because the soup was not oily. The char shiew that came with my ramen had a nice texture to it and quite lean (I do not like eating the fats).

The rice was legit Japanese rice an went well with the gyoza, which was of a convenient size to bite and was quite tasty, though the gyoza had a lighter taste than expected.

I did not really like the chawanmushi though. I felt it was too salty and it overwhelms the taste of the steamed egg. Pity.

As for the salad, I quite liked it. The sauce tasted good. And one cup of tea was sufficient because they actually serve you iced water, which was nice.

All the food was served fresh and hot. The service was relatively prompt as well, though the downside may be the queuing at the beginning due to the small space.

Other than that, you might want to check out this place because, well, the food was not bad and I think it was worth the price (approximately 25 dollars per person) even though pricey. 🙂