ButterScotch Cafe.

2014-04-10 10.08.12The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this place would be the drink I got.

Nutella – not too sweet or thick but interesting.

It kind of reflects the space for me. It does not stand out in terms of appearances and chances are, you might have walked past it many times while you were walking through Bukit Merah Central.

But when you enter and you look around at the things, people and objects that greet you… A sense of homeliness overwhelms you and it makes you feel comfortable. A small space but filled with a quality that is unique and something I cannot exactly pinpoint.

The staff there are all lovely people. Ready to serve, help and smile at you. I really liked how everyone seemed happy working there and that made me feel happy to hang out there.

Anyway, there is quite a variety of food, snacks and drinks to choose from. Be it classics or local favourites, ButterScotch has a good mix and when I was there, it took me quite a while to actually decide what I want.

Well, I definitely will go back. Now, all I need is the motivation to travel to the other side of Singapore. I will do it for friends and another sweet drink. Hahaha.

Gentle reminder: Portions are pretty huge so if you have a small appetite or you appreciate variety, go in a group and share so you get to try more without wasting food. Also, go early if you can because seats are pretty limited.