Bohemian Rhapsody 2013.

I have heard of The T’ang Quartet for many years now, but I have never been to a single of their showcases.

I simply do not have the faith in myself to appreciate classical music, even though I play the violin as well. The last time I went to a string ensemble concert, about four years back, I fell asleep and just could not stay awake.

This time, with tickets given by Actually Singapore, I decided to give it a shot. After all, I would want to have experienced their concert at least once in my life.

The venue and set up was cosy. Very down-to-earth and simple. I liked it quite a lot. With chairs of different styles being displayed on stage behind music stands? Looks like an art installation all on its own.

Also, with each member of The T’ang Quartet on a different kind of chair seems to share something about each of them. Seems to make the performance more personal.

Playing pieces from Erwin Schulhoff, Antonin Dvorak and Bedrich Smetana, composers that they love dearly, the entire night drew the audience closer to the quartet and opened up our ears to their world.

For me, it was more than listening to their music and feeling impressed by their skills.

For me, it was more of admiring their dedication to their craft and their passion for what they have been doing for the past twenty one years and will continue to do so.

Their facial expressions when they are playing the pieces, the way they bounced off each other’s energy and the way their bows moved; they were one with their music and as a quartet.

No need for a conductor or a metronome.

I guess when you really do feel for the music and let it seep into your heart, together with hard work, you cannot go wrong.

I had a wonderful evening of lovely melodies and deep thoughts. Thank you so much, The T’ang Quartet.