Aftershock (2013).

Thanks to Singapore Film Society, I got myself a pair of tickets to the premiere of Aftershock last Monday night.

Directed by Nicolas Lopez, it was about a group of five being stuck in Chile when an earthquake struck, which caused a prison to collapse and surviving prisoners to break free.

Before I watched the movie, I expected a typical movie with loads of guns, crazy sound effects and a lot blood. I am not afraid of gore and I appreciate my horror movies. How bad can this be right?

But I walked out of the cinema feeling scared, sad and small. And learnt that I cannot bear watching the ugly side of human nature.

With scenes of intended hurt being inflicted on another helpless being, I started crying while trying to make the sick feeling in me go away.

I honestly wanted to walk out of the cinema halfway through because of the burning, rape and suffering of the characters. With such tragedy, it really did not help that the tormentors were usually never hurt by the natural disasters while the victims ended up injured most times.

The impact the movie left me was intense and I felt pain. Pain for the wounds and disgust at how cruel my own species can be to another of the same kind.

I guess reading about it and crying over YouTube videos about very real issues never hit me this hard.

With that said, I think the movie succeeded in telling its message, despite poor character development and plot progression.

That the only thing more frightening than Mother Nature, is human nature itself.