I haven’t exactly been eating well. That is a statement more than a judgment upon myself. 

Mostly due to the fact that I have very late nights, I would get out of bed only close to 11am. Then I would stare at the bottom of the upper bed for a bit before showering. Afterwards, I will immediately dive into doing work and get so engrossed until 7pm. Only then, will I feel a slight hunger. Even so, sometimes I just push it aside until I complete whatever I have on hand. Just don’t like leaving things halfway, in case I lose the momentum in me to keep going. 

This pattern has been going for a couple of weeks now. 

Am I stressed out, which is nothing strange from the usual, but a new side effect? Or am I still subconsciousless grieving? 

I don’t even know anymore. But the body always has a funny way of unknotting and expressing whatever is going on inside. 

If only my mind can be easily forthcoming. 


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