(Weighing on my mind. Heavy and anchoring; unmoving. What is a luxury? So many things are seen everyday that we unknowingly take so many things for granted. Small but significant. They form so much of our culture – what we simply take without thought.) 

To be born. 

To be wanted. 

To have childhood. 

To be healthy. 

To breathe freely. 

To know what love is. 

To have friends. 

To use the entirety of body. 

To have power of language. 

To discover sexuality. 

To have an education. 

To be able to work. 

To find work. 

To choose and pursue passion. 

To be able to have choice. 

To be needed. 

To have access to food, water and necessities. 

To have time to fall apart. 

To have support. 

To find sleep. 

To feel the entire spectrum of emotions. 

To empathise, and be empathised with. 

To age. 

To find a partner. 

To be able to marry. 

To travel. 

To want to travel. 

To have future. 

To know yourself. 

To discover stories and journeys beyond oneself. 

To live, not just survive. 

The power of being able to think that you have viable options, choices and perspectives to take. Even that in itself, is a power. 

I might have missed out on so many aspects, but every small thing is a privilege. 

And sometimes I am so overwhelmed just thinking about it. 


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