Notes from 2015, Art Science Museum. 

(This has been sitting in my phone for the longest time, because they are just facts. I took them down when I visited the Art Science Museum for the Deep Sea exhibition. I loved it so much that after attending the press conference, I went back. Here’s what fascinated me the most.) 

Blue is the colour that travels furthest in water. 

Soundtrack at art installation – from space, NASA. Similar to underwater? There are a lot to discover. 

Red is the first colour to disappear in water. 

Deep sea corals can live 3000 years down. 

Record: animal/living organism – 4200 years. Deep sea corals. 

Sea mounts – deeply affected by industrial fishing. 

Having whole new way to develop life – Toxic Oases. The sun can disappear and it can all be dark but there will still be life. Extremophiles. 

Heritage of the sea – wiping out years of ecosystems in a second. 


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