Numbers, accumulation, nothing. 

Numbers mean nothing. 

Numbers just represent an accumulation of whatever you are trying to count. However, there is no value in merely counting. 

It is possibly one of the weakest points to substantiate something. 

You may be old, but if you have never learnt from lessons and experienced anything fully, there is no wisdom. 

I may work at my craft, but if I have no heart and constantly cut corners, there is no true art created. 

We may be dating for years on end, but if there is always tipping of toes and no intimacy of any level, there is nothing to hold on to. 

Numbers are not good enough reasons to hold on to lacking love, unreasonable pride and boastful bullying. 

So let your years speak through life experiences and the way you carry yourself. So let your work speak for themselves. So let your hearts beat and carry you forward. 


Always know what you want, and earn that. 


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