Adds up to gold. Precarious balance. 

Us two are bound by blood and birth. Two hearts humming the same lullaby. Hearts of Yin and Yang; we are two halves of a whole. Of mirrored painted souls. Mirrored from one tie-dyed canvas of a biological mother, to a world of difference. From seeing different skies through globe-reflecting eyes. Seeing birds but one feeling freedom, the other fright. Birds – captured, clipped and caged. Captured by the Unknown, clipped by fear and caged by the need for constant freedom. By the ninth month, we tangled ourselves up in fingers, toes and got caught in the umbilical loop. The inability to live drunken on amniotic fluid. Inability – the state of being unable to do something. The state of mind in which you held me – in arms and in the gut; I am now forever yours, and you, forever mine. State of birth, and reincarnation.


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