Sometimes, I get so lost in a relationship and I do not know where to draw the line. What is fair and what is the best decision. What can I say and when I should actually bite my lip. How do I give in and when is it my turn to receive. 

Or is the best way forward always just to think of the other person? 

(Technically, if both think of the other person more, does this mean that all needs will be met?)

When two persons are in conflict, the best solution to aspire to is conversation and compromise. Effective communication with both sides airing their opinion. Time for thought. Work out a compromise, common ground and mutual understanding. Work through it together. 

What if the situation itself does not work with such a solution? If friendship of another interferes with the relationship, what does one do? Where is one’s priority and is there a common ground? 

If the only solution is to choose one over the other, is that fair? Or is that abusive? When trying to juggle both is hurting your partner? Would you, or should you, remain friends with someone that does not respect your partner? Or does love not cover that aspect, and is completely separate?

Should this not even be a problem? 


So many questions, no answers in sight. When everything is based on personal opinion, priorities and needs, what do we do? 

Is there a line to be drawn? 

Is there a help line to hold? 


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