Sitting on the floor. 

A chant or list of everything within my sight when I sit on the floor. 

  • Oil stains 
  • Half-eaten nut
  • Zebra printed pen
  • Dusty hair dryer
  • Cocoa Colony fabric bag
  • Lamps lying on their side
  • Fairprice plastic bag; all crumpled
  • Plum-shaped umbrella in blue flora prints 
  • Oversized black luggage 
  • Box of granola bars; crunchy
  • Assorted nuts personally mixed up in Ikea jar
  • Back of ear ring
  • Expired first aid kit
  • More blue umbrellas 
  • Yellowed rice cooker
  • Ukulele case
  • Rolled up carpet with tassels 
  • Johnson speaker
  • Rusted wheelchair 
  • Multi-coloured bamboo sticks 
  • Paper lantern
  • Tiger balm 
  • Yoga mats with stains 
  • Lonely ant crawling towards me
  • Orange sticker peeling off tile
  • Water flask 
  • Crack in the white wall
  • Magnets on the glass
  • Banana leaf; all yellow and curled
  • White spots of wall paint
  • Gym bag 

That’s all I could get to before people came. 


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