Perspectives of Self and Others. 

When someone hurts you, on purpose or not, it is said that chances are that someone is hurting too. 

It is an insecurity, a hurt, some uncertainty that shines through in actions, words and general behaviour. Almost like a dog that bites the hand that feeds him because there’s a pain our eyes cannot see; out of protection and defence. 

I have been thinking about this a lot. I believed this. Still do. Maybe I still do. 

But I don’t understand how someone can go out of his way to antagonise another person. What’s the purpose? Wouldn’t there be an intention besides a personal hurt in his heart? Is it just out of cruelty? Does pure cruelty exist in another human being, or is that perspective completely bias because we can never fully understand the other side of the story? 

Then, as a victim or if you view yourself as a victim, should you just forgive the other person? Can you forgive? 

Can we measure who hurts greater? Is that ever fair, really? 

Where can the line be drawn? 

Sometimes I wish some answers are fixed. So I can simply learn and adapt, instead of pondering all the time. 

Almost like a punishment. 


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