16th Nov; Downpour. 

Woke up to fogged up windows with rain hitting against it; relentless. The room became darker than usual and it was all shades of blue; familiar to my own temperament. Had to force myself out of bed and peel away from the comforts of being cocooned. A sense of cool washed over me as my feet gently landed on the floor. I am not ready, but I am going to force myself to be anyway. 

My usual route to school changed because of the heavy rain. Spent half the time avoiding puddles, floods and searched for shelter to shield myself from getting all drenched. 

But the biggest change beyond time and physical distance, is my mind space. 

With the rain drumming so loudly, outside of me and taking most of my attention, I felt so quiet and at ease. Today Mother Nature won my attention and the voices in my head shut up in defeat. My morning was not filled with worries, anxieties, possibilities, contemplation or general punishment. 

I can be dangerous to myself, but not today, because today I am quiet, a safe space and an observer of life around me. 

And that is something I have grown to be thankful for, since it does not happen everyday. 

A cleansing. 


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