My spirit and person has left this blog for a while now. 

I used to queue up posts and try to write as much as possible; to improve and just keep going. It is just a digital space for me to throw things out here and let go, or generate possible ideas, or simply try to write. 

Whatever writing truly means, really. 

Many things have happened in my life, in a very short span of time. Even though it might not be a drama that directly involves me, I still very much feel the effects of it and am trying to rationalise or figure out how I truly feel. 

Many things about me have changed, whether I notice them immediately or not. 

I dress in black more often. I have become quiet in many expressions. I avoid people I know. My facial muscles are tighter than usual. I find it very hard to find a reason to get up in the mornings. My thoughts are sparse, messy and fragmented. I type poetry, writings and notes less. I try to sleep more often, but still find myself tired. 

Oh well. I don’t know what’s up with me, but I am coping. Somehow, some way. 

Anyway, my posts on here are slowing down because of this. 

I actually have thoughts of shutting this blog altogether. I find myself constantly asking: what’s the point? I can talk to myself in my own brain? Why contribute to data wastage? 

We’ll see. 


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