I need to stop telling myself that I have to like everyone, no matter how they treat me. 

I need to stop trying to keep in contact with people that hurt my self-esteem, my self-worth and my dignity. 

I need to stop letting myself be hurt by remarks that do not and should not matter. 

I need to stop holding on to things that should never define me – how people think I look, how people think I behave, how people think I am undeserving, etc. 

I need to stop thinking that all adults deserve to be respected just because of the age difference. 

I need to stop accepting excuses from others and myself, and start doing something about it. 

I need to stop not wanting to ask for help whenever I hit a new low. 

I need to stop biting my lips until they bleed or dry out. 

I need to stop overthinking and not sleeping or eating. 

I need to stop shrugging off people and being by myself majority of the time. 

I need to stop telling myself that nobody really cares. 

I need to stop listening to all these voices in my head telling me to just off my life. 

I need to stop struggling to live by standards that are not mine, and breathe, and live by my own rules. 


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