Tanjong Rhu MRT

(Memories, lessons learnt and always a part of me.) 
The days of blue and white uniforms

Forming high tides at eight in the morning 

And six at night 

Mandatory white shoes shuffling against

Concrete paths guiding the waves to shore 

Metal buttons sailing freely on cotton foam 
Naive enough to believe that putting buttons on

Every Dawn 

Would be the worst troubles of growing up 
But then came the days of 

Stormy regret and lightning fast consequences of 

Being dyed water in a sea of scientific pollution

Being a boat sailing against the current 

Being forced to walk the plank when all I did 

Was love another lonely soul 

Lost in the vast ocean of tides guided by 

Venus and Mars
Young enough to give in to crying at train station corners

Sneaking cigarettes

Hiding razor cuts beneath even shorter skirts 
The days of blue and white uniforms 

Forming the tiled walls of cruel siren songs 

And silencing of the shipwrecked  

Heavy white shoes dragging across 

Sea beds with an anchor tied to soft feet

Metal buttons counting lives left onboard


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