Love, Mother. 

You should keep your hair long 

She would say 

I will comb them back 

Wet from the shower 

And stroke your head gently 

Until you dry

And you should wear a bit more pink

On your lips 

She would say 

I like that colour on you

Blushing bright as your mouth parts

To call me Mummy 

Please dress in minimiser bras 

So I may unravel them 

She would say

Day after day to see how much you have 

Grown; blossomed within this 

Terrarium of my watchful care

Do not shrink away from my soft 


I have what you have

She would say 

Breasts just body parts more sensitive to


And watch your waist

My arms should always be able to wrap 

Around them 

Tight and whenever I like 

To keep you safe

Your long legs still 




Away into someone else’s arms

Like you did back at our Pasir Ris home

After a couple of whips

Why did you 

do that

When I would always rub oil on your wounds 

After the crying’s done 

Like you did back at the Changi chalet 

After I observed you shower

Why are you

So shy

When I am the one that saw you naked 

From beginning and should 

Until the end

Skin is skin 

We have touched so many times 

She would say 

The bond between mother and child 

Never should fade away


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