Some Worries. 

Now that the year is slowly ending, and I am slightly older, the worries sitting at the back of my mind are gradually resurfacing. 

I know it is only August and there’s still quite a way to go, but I can’t help it. I always tend to plan in advance so nothing can take me by surprise in a bad turn of events. 

Having no probable future is no laughing matter. So. 

After all, the graduation I have always wished for is coming closer. It is great. I have always wanted to graduate and finally go out into the world – renewed and improved.

But of course, getting out of school means being out of a comfort zone I have grown to take for granted. In school, it is all homework, training and being educated. Besides that, I work outside of school hours, take part in other interests and take the chance to keep growing as a person. 

In a working environment, chances are few and making mistakes are barely forgivable. It is a harsher environment, that’s for sure, but I am ready for it. 

So what exactly am I worried about? 

I am worried that I have long been forgotten from the theatre scene, and it will take me years to get back in. I am worried that I won’t be able to get jobs fast enough, if at all, since supply is way over demand these days. I am also worried that maybe I have never been good enough to be outstanding and of a hiring standard among my peers. 

I also wonder if others are starting to view me more as a “writer” since I have been more active in this field while schooling. 

Does that perception matter? And will it greatly affect me? Should I only be wearing one hat in terms of skill set, or is it okay to juggle many? 

There’s no fixed advice or solution, and I have heard both pros and cons of the situation. But I am not ready to leave behind the many things I have built up, learnt to do with myself, yet I worry that the box others put me in is not big enough. 

Maybe I will have to wait for another day, and take things as they come. 

Can I really afford to do everything that I want? Can I be a writer, a thespian and anything that comes my way? 



2 thoughts on “Some Worries. 

  1. I’m happy we share similar sentiments… I am as well a graduating college student and I worry for a lot of things that could happen in the future.
    Hoping we can both nail it,

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