Bayfront MRT.

Quietness overwhelms 

Only ghosts linger

Past midnight 

Hear the waves of silence 

Wash over the unseen body 

A Sun bleeding out light- 

House of a different kind

Shedding skin to speak sadness 

Lost ships come in


Bottled messages 

Not drowned not found 
(train tracks rumbling and a sensation of sinking underwater. eyes closed and hands in fists; fighting to keep breathing. you are a seaweed caught in concrete, metal and rapid movement. forgotten and never there.)
Your heart is your anchor 

In this wide Sargasso Sea 

So don’t let it go 
(train enters the station. underground and hidden to the outside city of planted greenery; like you. unbelonging. you sit in the empty train with all your ghosts. beer bottle in hand, frustration at your finger tips.)
(lighter is clicked.)

(Song: Anchor – Giants Must Fall. Wide Sargasso Sea – Jean Rhys.) 


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