Notes In Fragments. 

(I haven’t been writing. Words swim around in my mind and drown me sometimes, but I can’t get them out. Maybe I just lost the spirit to keep trying. The language now comes to me in fragments. This is just a silly blog. Who the hell takes WordPress seriously anymore? But I guess, in some ways, this is a reflection of my life. How sparse it is. How boring it is. How lost it is. Everything is a small bit of who I am.)

Dreams parade 

Nightmares haunt 

What happens when I don’t even know what I want
Cookie cutter of the unconventional 
Birth by fire 

Fuelled by desire 
Making love 


Are they not the same 

So why two different names
Fleet flicker flight 

Cut my wings and ask me to survive 

This is a reality, dream divide 

Killing yourself with empathy


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