Turning 22. 

This is a quiet birthday. 

Plenty of close friends are scattered all over the world pursuing dreams, expanding their horizons and living lives that they have always wanted. Maybe it is also about me growing older, and realising that I am just turning a year older – closer to fulfilment or depression, closer to adult expectations, closer to death. 

It is getting harder and harder each day to rejoice, for the world is in chaos. My people have lost the ability to love, respect and embrace differences. (How different is different when our skin feels the same and the blood’s all red?) We kill, smother and leave people behind based on their identities and things that they cannot change. 

My heart breaks day after day for lives lost in sacrifices to no God, but only to fuel the human ego. 

A blind ambition. 

But I am blessed to still be alive. Yes. To still have the luxury of dreaming in this cold concrete world of pure practicality and factory mentality. To be able to save up pennies, travel the seas and learn to love the earth, the people and the history we own. To have my basic necessities for me to survive and strive for something better. 

The list goes on, for blessings are all in the small things that give me something to hold on to, and wake up the next day. 

I might always be tired, busy and feeling my downfalls pile up on my body. But, I am still young and I can work. I can still believe that it will all be worth it in the end. 

Thank you to all my family, friends, theatre makers and fellow dreamers for making my life so full of potential. Thank you for the enlightenments, the lessons, the memories and the journey that is to follow in the near future. 

I love, because I have you all and I believe in the world. x


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