It is dangerous Your touch driving me delirious  

Delicious – the taste of your lips 

Don’t stop 

The night’s still young 

Let me come undone 
Trace my veins 

Travel under this skin 

Tell me I am your sweetest sin 

They are just empty hands 

Loneliness is a concept not known to them 

You intertwine our fingers 

Palm lines meeting 

Knit together 
Let this last forever 
Our bodies are temples 

Meeting by curiosity and indescribable desire 

Your eyes are my prayers 

Your heart, my bird song 

I am a winged soul coming back home 
Don’t let this be over 
Chests rise and voices raise 

Passion runs through two different ways

I walked away but your arms found my waist 

Holding on and let flames cease to smoke 

You are the cigarette I might never let go 
Stay, and not seek closure 

I wanted to run 

Let’s play hide and seek 

The world was darkness; not anymore 

I stay hidden but not for long

You will always catch me 

And find me in this endless fall


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