Last Semester. 

It was change after change after change. Be it within my myself, or my situations and surroundings, everything kept evolving and I was holding on to nothing but air. 

It was an experience. I would like to think that I grew up a lot – for better or for worse. 

There were days when the decisions I made months ago came back to lift me off the ground when I fell. Other days, it all just felt like a conspiracy to get me to give up on whatever I wanted. Either way, it is just a reminder that nothing that is ever worth it is easy, and maybe whatever that is easy will not be staying for the long run. 

I remain quiet and speak only when the conviction comes. I choose stillness and pray my heart will pick the same. I moved on from some friendships and stayed with loves I committed to. 

Leaving, moving on and forgetting are all different but can lead to the same beginning. 

Some disappointments cannot be bettered. Maybe they are meant to happen, or just a lesson to be learnt. 

Optimism and pessimism are just ways to look at things. And through tiredness, realism and pessimism have become the easier ways for me to view life at this point in time.

But I remain hopeful. 

After all, you can cloud the Rays of the sun and all the light may disappear. But the sun will still be the sun – the biggest burning star that never dies. 


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