Revision – Day 3.

(Receiver goes live. Breathing is heard. Silence is non-existent; even when no words are uttered, the phone line cackling can be heard singing to breath.) 

Do you want to speak on the phone for a while? 


Can you just please talk to me? 

Why am I the only one bringing things up? 

Say something? 

Is it because you not care?

Is it very uncomfortable? 

Is it something I have done? 

Do you not trust me? 

Do you not feel like you have the space? 

Do you think I don’t deserve to know things? 

(Uncomfortable shuffling.)

Why must I fight so hard just for you to say something?

Why are we like this?  

(Suddenly, I can hear my own voice echoing from the line back at me. Plenty of noise fill up the limited soundscape – footsteps, flipping of books, tearing.)

(Speaker mode, or just desperation toying with my hearing. And the line dies after a quick suffocation from the other end.)



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