Questioning Nature. 

It is no secret that I question almost everything. I tear things apart, especially myself. 

I dissect. I ask. I scream. I ache. I think and think and think and drown and come up for air and think again. 

Why must one thing be this and not that? What makes one perspective more right than another? Who came up with the concept of right and wrong? 

Why must I always ask why? 

Is why a more relevant question to the who, what, when, where and how? 

Will it ever become illegal to question the world we live in and to fight for change? Is all change good? Or does what really goes around comes around? 

Why would you say that? Why?


Conversations go: 

If I kiss you, does that mean I like you? Or I just like kissing? If I hold hands, does that mean I want to hold your hand? Or do I just like being able to hold someone else? If I want to have sex, does that refer to fucking or making love? Are the two the same or different? Does it matter? Or are these just biological needs, and deluded into emotional needs? 

Do you think our perception about these gestures of romance are cultural, popular or just embedded in us through slow brainwashing by the media? 

If I cry, did you make me cry? Or did my perception of what you did make me cry, which actually results in me making myself cry?

Is that what people mean when they dismiss me and call me “too sensitive”? What exactly is “too sensitive”? How about you are “too insensitive”? Does that exist? Or is being more unemotional and apathetic the way to go to live life? 

Must it always be mind over matter, heart versus mind? Can they ever work together, while sharing one body? 

Can we all work together, laugh together, cry together and fight together while living on the same earth? 


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