The L Word. 

I am that thief 

That stole your heart off your sleeve 


Love will forever be the question 

I want to answer for the rest of my life 

With the taste of your tongue 

With the touch of your fingers 

With the twinkle of your eyes

With the tune of your voice 


You are mine 

And I will forever be yours 
Even though forever can just be a second 

Let’s just hook our pinkie fingers together 

Pretend it is a dead knot 

And stick together through thin and thick 

Skin weaved and knitted 


The future is numbered 

But who’s counting? 

But who is to say that a year lasts longer than a day? 
Life has an expiry, but does love? 

When nobody can uncover the true depth and wholeness of what those four-letters truly mean? 


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