Go, forcibly feed 

The unwilling mouth and, go 

Judge people by size 


Romantic Love. 

Walking past each other. 

Noticing the other. 

Quick glances. 

Shy looks. 

Small smile. 


Exchanging numbers. 

Texting: getting to know each other. 

Date one: having a real conversation. 

Share laughs.

Hands intertwined. 

Warm hugs. 

First kisses. 

Tongue tasting. 

Skin and skin and more skin. 

Speaking mouth to mouth, and heart to heart. 

Building a home. 

Walking together; the conversation never stops. 

So, where are we? 

“I lost something.”

I am at a loss for what I have lost. 

Speechless – no longer able to find the right words to speak, to connect. 

Is it even worth speaking about when Loss is as familiar to me, as to you? 

I have lost many things, just like others have. Ideas. Hopes. Pride. Skin. Teeth. People. Life. 

But I am just hoping that I do not lose heart. 

(Inspired post by ebriosity from Tumblr.)


While I was traveling in December, I found a sense of belonging inside me. A space where I can shut out the noise around me and crawl back into this quiet place to think, to be inspired and re-inspired. 

Looking at people, streets, whitewashed walls and cups of hot tea, I realised that questions pop up into my head faster than usual. 

It is always good to question everything, even though it makes my head prone to explosions. 

Curiosity and Wonder found its way back into my life. I am happy for the company and I hope I keep them around for longer. 

(Need to remind myself of what I have, and treasure the little parts of myself more.) 

Anyway, with that being said, I wrote a couple of haikus (or I tried to write haikus, since I am not that qualified) over the course of my trips. 

I will be posting them every now and then. So please be patient and bear with me as I use this space to keep exploring what I can do.