Touching Down.

My feet walked down familiar streets.

The walkways well-lit and every possible space was littered with people. The crowdedness of it all made this place both comforting and sickening at the same time. I saw the favourite shirt, shorts and slippers combination and I smiled warily to myself. 

My eyes scanned the landscape. 

Mostly concrete and grey in colour; very practical and dull, though some may argue futuristic. There are little bushes and great trees planted for balance and some fresh air – very systematic and has little resemblance to nature. (Not wild and growing naturally. We love shaping things; making them obey our whims and fancies.) 

My phone kept buzzing and vibrating.

 It lit up nonstop, as if spazzing awake from a short lived death. 

Five days of no contact caused a sort of clogging in the system. Thousands of messages flooded in and they all screamed for my attention. Responsibilities, worries, plans and other unstoppable forces that I temporarily left behind came back to greet me at the shore. 

I am home. 


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