Before 2015 Ends. 

Like seas of both calm and aggressive nature, I will say that was how my life went the past year. 

Tugged by the heart. 

Persuaded by the mind. 

Tricked by the dollars, convinced by the dreams and everything in between. 

I have fallen more times than I have gotten up. I earned cuts, bruises and some new hurt. But after falling many times in a row, it becomes easier to stay on the floor and not get up. 

But with that, like waters of will and freedom, I never stopped fighting. 

It is tiring and sometimes, I still lay in bed and wonder what exactly am I fighting for, or am I just fighting myself. 

But this is it. 

I still have my head up high, and I made th choices to lead me here. Not elsewhere. 


In waves, in tides and in crashes, one more year of my life has come to an end and my waters settle. 

Just for a while. 

To let go of the anger, the tiredness and the pollution of my spirit. 

And learn to open up; embrace life again. 

Thank you 2015, but it is time to welcome 2016. 


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