Six Degrees of Separation. 

Six degrees of separation

Neither here nor there 
Just a face or just a body; never the full person 
Dancing the tango with fleeting questions, invisible answers

Still own a name in my brain space though recollection of shared memories scarcely exist

Perhaps just a figment of my lonely imagination

Fragmented stories and half-gossips 

What if I am falling for a ghost I only heard of but never spoke about

My bare hands reaching out but unable to stroke the intangible closeness of heartstrings 

How much do I know of a shadow if all I see is movement in temporary light and 

Her body always in rhythm with the perverse arms of another that already has someone to call home 

Can love exist in such a liminal space 

Of memory gaps and obligated pretence

Hearing the echo of her voice and the taste of her mythical being  

Only through the mouth of another


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