Play A Game?

Fake breaks. 

Calculated mutations. 

Planned ends. 

Just some random words I think of when I recall our long silences apart. Staring at a screen that dulls as the battery reluctantly meets its death. Typing and cancelling – the journey all fingers do before finally clicking send. 

It just becomes so easy to manipulate the conversation to go where I want it to. All I need would be strong, aggressive and nuanced words. 

Hide the emotions and bite back the words that suggest weakness or things that might let you get the upper hand. 

Who knows what you are planning behind your keyboard? 

I will never say I miss you, unless it is late at night and I have to spit it out or sacrifice sleep. I will never say I love you, unless it has to be said or you guilt it out of me. I will never say I hate you, unless the plan is to get you to turn back and walk away for good. 

Texting is simply a strategy game, at its best and at its worst. Nothing but a strategy game. 


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