Crack two eggs into the pan. 

Blink back the throbbing headache. 

Watch them bubble and cook. 

Do not move your head. 

Turn the gas off. 

Take a sip of water to calm nerves. 

Place them neatly on a plate. 

Tummy rumbles but is upset. 

Take careful bites. 

Head hurts with every chewing movement. 


Start again. 

Open and close. 

Come and go. 

(Having a slight stomach flu and an insufferable headache never fails to weaken me. My body is fighting.) 


One thought on “Routine. 

  1. Aww you poor thing. It sucks to be sick and in pain. I’m probably gonna feel the same way for a while after I extract all four of my wisdom teeth this Friday. Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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