I have choices. I have power to choose. I have the right to say no. I have a say in my life. I have a heartbeat and a body and a soul. 

And they are mine. 

Just like how my

Skin – rough or smooth. Eyes – tired or alive. Hands – bruised or fair. Legs – shaven or not. Body – lean or full of curves. 

Physical affection – to give or to keep. Words – subtle or direct. Looks – tough or fluff. School – talk or observe. Career – Arts or “Practicality”. 

These are mine to make, break and take. Stop the prodding, the harassment, the superiority and the condescending actions of trying to put me in a corner and affecting me negatively. 


Side note: 

Do you really think I am not already punishing myself for how I look, how I speak, how I behave, how I live, how I think and how I love? 

Do you really think I like myself? 

Do you? 


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