If I Ever. 

“If I ever say fool, you have to leave,” she whispered into his ear as they shared a single bed, tangled under sheets.



“I will stay until you find someone else to love.” 


Please, stay. 

(Your arms would not let me go and I had difficulty breathing. It did not matter what we were fighting about anymore. I was too caught up with the endless flows of tears running from your tired eyes and your voice cracking in the thin air.)

Stay until you don’t love me anymore. 

Don’t go. 

Don’t go. 

(My heart broke but silence kept me captive.)

Don’t go. 


She turned her back and hugged herself a little tighter than usual.

As the moon hides under her veil of black. 

As the birds stop singing and his breathing gets shallower. 



2 thoughts on “If I Ever. 

  1. He held her in his arms and it reminded him of how his ribcage was wrapped around his heart to protect it, keep it from harm. But ribcage, cage, ca-

    He looked at her again, pushed her hair behind her ear and she was clearly asleep because he can’t see the windows to her soul, hints to her thoughts and he knew-

    He opened the door. He let her go.

    (Inspired by your post, just throwing it in for fun from the dude’s perspective. Hope you don’t mind!)

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