O.P.E.N. Film(s) #4. 

(Last film I caught as part of The O.P.E.N. It was a good film to end the season for me, personally, since school has resumed and my days are going to go by as fast as the first six months.)

  • Citizenfour by Laura Poitras. 

Words to describe: thrilling, relevant and frightening. 

The film follows the event of the grand public reveal of the US government’s monitoring of all sorts of information, data and communications of everybody in the name of National Security thanks to Edward Snowden and the individuals that helped him do so. 

The film does not exactly provide anything new, but it does show you a more personal view of the matter from Snowden’s perspective. Or at least, what goes on in the minds of the journalists and the people involved. 

The possible abuse of power to shut people up, how news are just news but not necessarily the truth and how we are basically sheep under the rulings of wolves. 

For me, it came as another reminder of that event that occurred two years ago that I have almost forgotten. I have made many realisations as well. 

All the “Find My iPhone” applications, the personalised Facebook advertisements and all the websites you visit that require you to “sign in” are all ways of tracking what we are doing and what we are like in real time. 

Growing up with these devices and functions, sometimes it does not occur to us how these minute details feed into the bigger picture of surveillance and the invasion of privacy. 

What is privacy? Does it still exist in this day and age? Is outrageous invasion of these personal boundaries worth it or justifiable in the name of the law? Why is there no transparency? 

Now that it has been years, what has the system become? Bigger? Better? More invasive? 

Why are these questions no longer bothering us and no longer asked on a national level?

Are the people not entitled to ask such things to try and protect themselves? 

It is funny that we are busy fighting against each other to pass some laws on Human Rights and being pro-choice or not when this basic right of everyone is not even accounted for yet. 

It makes me wonder what else can be done in the name of security and how many lines we are willing to cross before we all cry out and say it is too much. 

Will we ever be able to? 

That’s the question that the film left etched in my mind that scared me the most. 


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