Morning Sickness.

Negativity once the sun rays touched my cold skin through the window pane.

Terrible feelings that numb you in more parts than just one heart.

And as the day goes on, it just spreads to the rest of your body – the rash on your face seems redder and angrier, skin on the outer parts of your fingers peel and irritate. Even your hair look like an untamed mess.

Like a cancer with no possible cure.

However, what might just be the worst thing yet is that you haven’t discovered the reason behind all these inner growths. No suitable words, no familiar situations and no obvious cause for this little splinter hurting your brain.

All you can say, with a meaningless smile, “I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this sunrise.”

Sip your coffee carelessly and move on to the next available topic.

If anyone asks, in the first place.


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