Broken Down to Numbers. 

(I have gained, I have lost and I have counted. I am still wrapping my head around the trip I just took and looking at my expenses, I just thought I would post it up because I was too reluctant to just delete it from my phone. Fear of forgetting it completely in a couple of months. Or maybe, I might just be using this as a way to trigger memories in the near future. Who knows? Who cares?)

Day One
– B300 (SIM card) 

– B40 (Train to hotel)

– B405 (Rabbit card – 15 trips) 

– B138 (Caturday – matcha milk tea frappe) 

– B70 (Sushi) 

– B109 (Kyo Roll En – Matcha Sumi Soft Cream) 

– B50 (Lime juice) 

– B60 (four postcards by artist) 

– B191 (Groceries for room) 

Total: B1363

Day Two 

– B17 (coca cola) 

– B60 (chopstick)

– B400 (Harlem pants)

– B200 (Bracelets)

– B225.5 (Dinner at Jeffer’s steak) 

– B600 (Tuktuk to market)

– B25 (coca cola)

– B350 (two woven tops) 

– B87.5 (Long Island jug – shared) 

– B150 (cab ride back)

– B710 (drinks) 

Total: B1710

Day Three 

– B180 (McDonald’s breakfast) 

– B150 (Cab to Temple of Dawn) 

– B22 (Donations)

– B50 (Temple entrance)

– B6 (boat across river)

– B100 (wat pho)

– B50 (tuktuk to Siam centre)

– B282 (Cabbages and Condoms)

– B145 (Matcha Cherry Frappe – Nikko Cafe) 

– B50 (Cab to hotel) 

– B480 (Harlem pants)

– B200 (macs) 

Total: B1715

Day Four 

– B75 (Cab to Siam Centre) 

– B490 (BACC – Happening.)

– B40 (chicken) 

– B40 (pomegranate juice) 

– B280 (shirt) 

– B536 (Food)

– B75 (tuktuk to hotel)

– B40 (ticket to train airport) 

– B490 (Tom yum banana chips)

Total: B2066 


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