O.P.E.N. Films #1. 

  • This Is Not A Film – Jafar Panahi & Mojtaba Mirtahmasb. 

How passion for film-making, taking a stand and trying to overcome the system does not stop at a mere house arrest. 

The seemingly every day conversations reveal so much about the situation in Iran and leaves just a little bit of space to the imagination. With the space used the director’s own home, there is just a vulnerability and an openness that comes with it. 

The risks of doing this really hit me when the credits came out and no names were mentioned besides the directors themselves. 

Simple yet powerful. 

  • Horse Money – Pedro Costa.

Absurd, abstract and dark. 

Possibly some words I would associate with this piece of work. The director does not shy away from the sinister and messier parts of the human mind. It almost seemed like a horror film. 

Though I found it too heavy a watch in one-sitting and felt restless from time to time, it was so uncomfortable that it was good in a certain way. 

It challanges you, and tells you truths in a way that makes them hard to ignore. The presence of the actors, the themes and my own thoughts while watching were really strong. Breath-taking. 


I don’t really have the time to do full length reviews unless they are for other websites. So I will keep things simple from now on and just type skeletal thoughts of them. 

Feel free to hit me up and we can talk about them over coffee sometime. If you are interested in nerdy stuff, like me. xx


4 thoughts on “O.P.E.N. Films #1. 

      • Ah okay no wonder. I searched for “OPEN films” but only got the openfilms website 😛

        Aww man my schedule is almost fully packed; only have next Wednesday available and I don’t think it’s worth the $25 if I can only go for one event/screening. Anyway, looks like the films you mentioned were only shown once.

        Oh well, thanks anyway. Horse Money sounds thought-provoking and I do love me some thought provocation shows. Any other recommendations instead? Preferably something I can – ahem – easily “borrow” from “friends”. XD

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