Weekend Writing Prompt #1

(Use any three of these words in text: Delicate, wind, fob, apology and grumpy.)

The delicate wind caressed my exposed neck while scooping up my hair to dance with him. 

The rhythm was similar to the ebb and flow of the nearby sea. 

It felt good to feel a part of the jewel that will always be far more beautiful than I. 

It was his beautiful way of giving a sincere apology after the thunderstorm and a hurricane of the morning this Sunday. 

I closed my eyes and whispered, “Don’t stop. Keep going. I need you.” 

Planting the seeds of intangible language into the air, the wind left to carry them into the hearts of everyone that feels the same. 

And maybe, flowers will grow and a garden of comfort will emerge to uplift tired souls and share warmth with shivering hope. 


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