Middle of May. 

(Just a record of notes I have in my phone throughout the month. To remember, to linger and to move on.) 

17th – Can you even try to forget something that supposedly means something to you? Or is it just a passing of time? Are we just growing old or growing closer?

16th – It is like grey clouds blurring your vision / And hiding the sunny sky fluffy whites behind it. A biased dark view that weighs down the tired shoulders. 

10th – When tears retrace their own steps. 

10th – Don’t ask for permission. Ask for forgiveness. – Ivan Heng. 

6th – I am so incredibly touched by the kindness showed to me by everyone. Even the Hokkien noodle stall auntie was sharing a small snippet of an incident with a customer and men. It’s like everything is good and my ears are given to me for a reason. 

5th – And when he said goodnight, loneliness is the blanket I wrap myself up with. Bracing myself for the long night ahead.

4th – Is it a happy ever after / Or just another disaster.

2nd – I have tasted heaven and cigarettes / But still dreaming of jasmine green tea on tongue. 


On a separate note, I am glad the show is finally over and I can put my whole being into focusing on school for the next two weeks. The weight on my shoulders feel lighter and it’s easier to smile at the sun now. 


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