How I am feeling now: 


Days have been long and ending them past midnight only to get up by six the next morning is not one of the best things in life. 


Lines to learn, lessons to catch up on, sensations to be aware of, getting things done and generally, just to get on with life. 


Friendly texts from nearly forgotten names, the surprise visit of the two loveliest souls I know for years and hugs. Big sincere hugs. 


The wound is healing well, the colours are changing, partial mobility is restored and my face feels less tensed. 


Because I am still loved, shined on and feeling the light from the universe whenever I desperately need it. 


Constant questions running in and out of my mind, insecurities building homes under my skin and the little voice that sings its favourite haunting lullaby when the sun goes down. 


New possibilities, looking onwards to the future and recognising that there are good things to want, to fight for and to grab onto with my small hands. 

In the moment. 

Letting all these words flow and no longer holding on to the useless intangibles. 


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