Snippets of Daily Thoughts.

Today, I decided to clear out my ‘Notes’ section of my old yet functioning iPhone 4S. And being all afraid that I might lose these thoughts once I erase them from my device, I shall forever imprint them on the internet.

It is really just for me to be able to look back at them one day with answers to the simple questions or simply be mindful about them even as time goes by.

“Don’t take what you cannot give.”

I love creativity because it never ever runs out. The more you use, the more you have.

I felt a flicker of admiration for you when you spoke those very words to me with conviction. The moment you said that you’d rather be tired and happy than free and miserable was when I looked at you differently. There was more light, as if you were glowing and your name on my tongue tasted like wisdom.

I will become what I deserve.

“Unless you are rich, you can never afford to take your interest as a career.”

Essentially, what is happiness worth?


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